As a public charity, the Washington County Gay Straight Alliance Inc. receives 70% of our funding from private donors and fundraisers.

Our Donors are the lifeblood of our organization. Because of donors like YOU, we are able to provide over 70 days of programming on an annual basis.

Our services help people address many needs some take for granted. We help folks in the LGBTQA+ community with necessities like:

We’re addressing important issues. Despite existing protections, LGBTQA+ people face disturbing rates of discrimination—especially as it relates to healthcare. This discrimination discourages folks from seeking care.

Help us continue our mission of serving the LGBTQA+ community—we couldn’t do it without donors like you!


Volunteers at WCGSA empower our organization, support our programming, but most importantly, become an integral part of the Washington County and surrounding areas LGBTQA+ community.

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